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Willie "Junkyard Willie" Robinson is a two-time Crank Yanker on the show. He was voiced and portrayed by Pete Dzoghi, the man who goes by the alias the Touch-Tone Terrorists. In spite of not being a prank caller so much as a call receiver who turns the call into a prank call, he's classified as a Crank Yanker nonetheless.  


Willie Robinson is a fat African-American man who has a deep voice. On the show, he's depicted as working for the YPS (Yankerville Parcel Service) as either a customer service representative or the manager. Either way, YPS is a cover-up for the UPS which real-life customers thought was the UPS but called in anyways but dialing a wrong number that was one-digit off the actual UPS numbers. 

Willie is very lazy at his job, only answers customers' calls to shift the blame on them for whatever problems they have, is extremely rude, disrespectful, badmouthed and more than willing to turn a phone conversation into an aggressive scream showdown. He does not react intimidated at all when customers start badmouthing or shouting at him, he just gets annoyed and asks them to "Calm yo ass down" 

Willie likes to use the terms "Jive turkey", "Hula hoop eyed" and "Chicken neck".  

List of Prank CallsEdit

On Crank Yankers Edit

  • He got a complaint call from a woman who still hasn't got her watch yet, then completely goes off-topic about his co-workers being allowed to do drugs and drink alcohol on Saturdays. 
  • He got another complaint call from a woman complaining her package didn't arrive to a destination, and he only replied "You shoulda sent it sooner!" and refuses any responsibility or wrongdoing of this situation. 

Outside Crank Yankers Edit

  • He got a phone call from a woman who paid $99 for a computer virus scam thinking he was Customer Service, and he refused to do anything about her service claiming that he's just about to quit his last day at work and board a bus to Pelican Bay as penalty for robbing a liquor store.
  • He served as a bank customer service representative, and when he got a call asking what day that applicant took out a loan, he replied "Look on your calendar!"

Trivia Edit

  • While most Crank Yankers recorded their calls in Nevada because there it's legal to do prank calls, Willie's portrayer Pete Dzoghi stationed in California and did the prank calls from home.