Elmer Higgins
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Helen Higgins (wife)
Age Unknown
Production Information
Jimmy Kimmel

Elmer Higgins is an elderly man who is Helen's husband.


Elmer is crabby, argumentative, irritable, and has a bit of a temper. He can be quite selfish and lazy too, since he always calls people on the phone to carry out ridiculous demands such as giving him money meant for donation or telling a driving instructor to drive for him when he's the one who wants driving lessons.

He often calls to complain about various things and frequently goes off on unrelated, long-winded tangents about his younger days and various irrelevant subjects. He frequently blames the situations he is complaining about on his homosexual grandson Terrance Catheter.


  • Elmer is based on his voice actor Jimmy Kimmel's grandfather.
  • Elmer and Helen have been married for 60 years.


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